Thursday, November 07, 2013

Rob Ford's not drunk

A video was released today of Rob Ford in a living room, ranting about someone he wanted to kill in a boxing ring. Almost immediately, Ford went on camera and said he was very inebriated in the video; his mother went on TV and said Ford doesn't do drugs but he does drink to excess. This inebriation story seems to have bamboozled the press; in every online article about it, the Globe uses the word "inebriation".

But Rob Ford's not drunk in that video. He's high on crack. Crack makes people hyperactive. It makes their heart race. It causes a mix of paranoia and euphoria. In the video, Ford doesn't slur his words like a drunk; he speaks clearly except that he's talking so fast that his words run together.

Decide for yourself: Rob Ford on crack


Anonymous said...

agreed it's probably not (just) alcohol he's under the influence of there, but it's not nec'ly coke, either: could be amphetamines or some other kind of stimulants.

Anonymous said...

He is definitely on some sort of stimulant and it might not even be crack. There are others that could cause this behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. YDD's point is made: it's likely not booze that's causing that behaviour.